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          Pack thin film quality safety don't neglect

               Recently, the righteousness black examination quarantines to criticize to export a toy more inside magistracy in the bureau because of packing thin film thickness shortage, cause the toy send to check unqualified, but can not export smoothly.

          The plastics packing thin film has watertightness, easy and convenient, low price, bear a grinding characteristics, drive extensively used for the toy etc. export child thing in, but if the plastics of use packs bag over thin, and area enough big, easily adsorb in child's face to arouse to suffocate danger.Europe and America etc. nation and region to child toy plastics packing the thin film all have explicit request, is this, examine to quarantine a section to remind to export a toy business enterprise, don't neglect the quality of exporting the toy packing thin film safe problem, should closely pay attention to compulsive quality safe standard request, strict according to standard examination production, strengthen to pack to the plastics at the same time taking charge of of thin film supplier with eradicate completely unqualified circumstance occurrence, avoid resulting in otiose loss.(source:Bao petrel)

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